what are biomass briquettes

Biomass Briquettes are a biofuel alternative to Lignite-coal & Charcoal. They are made from agricultural waste and other organic materials, and are used in thermal applications.

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What are the Advantages

The biofuel is relatively clean burning when compared with the other fossil fuels used today. Biomass briquettes improve the volumetric calorific value and on average save 30-40% fuel cost.

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Mamleshwar Agro Fuel Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Biomass Briquettes (Biomass Fuel) from agricultural waste such as husks, cob, stalks, shell, straw and other waste products.

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Biomass Briquettes India

Is your fuel clean and Efficient? And are you saving on fuel costs? Compare your current fuel with Biomass Briquettes and save 30-40% of your fuel costs. Biomass Briquettes is an alternate fuel which is not only clean but also save costs.

Factors Briquettes Wood Coal Furnace Oil /
Calorific Value 3600 (± 200) 2500-3000 4300-4700 10,050 (±500) 8000 – 10,500
Ash Content 8% (± 2) 20-25% 20-40% .02 % NIL
Pollution/Poisonous effluent smoke No hazardous gases High amount CO2 Sulfur, CO2,
High Sulfur (2-4%) Low Nitrogen
Moisture 8% (± 2) 20 – 35% 20 – 50 % Nominal Nominal
Cost Rs 4.5/Kg 4.5/Kg 8/Kg 40/Lt. 66/Lt.
Cost Rs./KCAL 1.25 1.50 1.70 3.80 6.28
Boiler efficiency Low fly ash, Easy Maintenance Regular Maintenance
High Wear & Tear,
Regular Maintenance
High Maintenance due
to formation of Sulfuric Acid
Low Maintenance Costs
Remarks Eco friendly, Easy to Handle, Costs
Deforestation, High Moisture, Expensive Non- Renewable, Expensive High Sulfur Damages Boiler, Very
Clean fuel but very Expensive